This page is dedicated to compositions that are unlike my other repertoire (the very broad genre of jazz). These works are more highly composed (some have a certain level of improvisation and some fully notated). Please contact me to see full scores and to purchase score+parts. 

Aside from "The Mistress", all audio has been captured at live performances and is not for sale. 

"Howe Sound Crest Trail at the Lions with Ravens" (2017)
Heather Munch - Violin / Brian Halliday - Vibraphone / Cat Toren - Piano

The Howe Sound Crest Trail stretches from Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove (Vancouver, British Columbia) over a distance of 29km, making its way over multiple summits and between the two peaks of the "Lions" (also known as the "Sisters"). This work is the memory of taking a nap between the Lions' peaks while Ravens flew over my head, just low enough that I could hear the wind in their feathers.

"War Without Words" (Second Half) (2016)
Dukhyun Sung - Clarinet / Nicco Mazziotto - Cello / Charles LaLima - Piano

This work went through different names and many edits. It still might. It's a live version of the 2nd half of a work that reflects a world (a country?) where violence is all too prevalent and not enough is being done to help. There is no time like now to share this work as it is, which I'm very happy with! 

"Temple Fall" (2015)
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This work was inspired by my experience watching the Temple of Grace burn at Burning Man 2014. Thanks to David Best and Crew for the incredibly beautiful temple and the people that brought its sacredness to life. 

"The Mistress" (2005) 
Cat Toren - Piano

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