The tunes have an effortless time and space to them, with Toren fluently and skillfully leading the band into expressionistic and adventurous territory....this is one fine contemporary jazz album and well worth investigation.

Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based JUNO Award-winning pianist/composer Cat Toren leads a dynamic new project influenced by the free-form, socially conscious jazz of the late '60s as well as today’s resurgent civil rights movement. The album has received critically acclaimed reviews such as “A powerful recording” - Bandcamp Daily (The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp) and “Cat Toren should be a household name. Incredible music for 2017” - UK Vibe. The group has toured the Mid-West, New York area and Western Canada promoting the album and its message. Jazz, being both music of expression and of the people, has a legacy of standing up for civil rights issues. Keeping with this tradition, proceeds of the album are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. The album has sold in over seven countries thus far.

Cat Toren - Keys/Compositions
Xavier Del Castillo - Sax
Yoshie Fruchter - Oud
Jake Leckie - Bass
Matt Honor - Drums

Release Date: January 21, 2017
Green Ideas Records

CONTACT: Cat Toren
e. cat_toren@hotmail.com
p. 347-654-5765

Cat Toren Human Kind One Sheet.jpg
Photo by Lena Nelson

Photo by Lena Nelson

Photo by Angela Fama

Photo by Angela Fama

No, it’s not a rebirth of an old sound. It’s a meditation to remember the things, which are still relevant.
— Karl Schönswetter